a mini finish

The finish I’m blogging about this week was actually made a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t had the chance to get decent pictures. That being said, for some reason, I still cannot seem to get a decent whole shot of it. I think I need better lighting, or perhaps, some actual sunlight?
Anyways. Moving on.
The pattern is one of Camille Roskelley of Simplify‘s mini patterns. This one is the mini Swoon. I love it. 
I am on a “use it or lose it” kind of kick lately, so I pieced this using some of my tiny stash of Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. To accent the Ruby, I used Riley Blake’s La Creme polka dots. (Seriously, what else would I use?)

This mini quilt measures about 19″ square. The finished block size is about 8.5 inches, and the smallest piecing cut was 1.5 inches.

I have a confession to make. For some reason, when making this, I read the instructions about trimming the finished blocks wrong and accidentally trimmed my blocks way too much. As a result, some of my points have been cut off. <<headsmack>>

I may also have a bit of an issue with regular sized HST’s (half-square triangles). I’ve learned that micro-sized ones seem to amplify any imperfections and drastically affect block sizes. AND, for some reason, my machine kept wanting to eat up my tiny little blocks. It could be because they were tiny little blocks.  In retrospect, I should have changed the plate on the machine so that only the needle could fit in (as opposed to the plate with a wider opening for a zig zag stitch). Perhaps it would have eased things a bit.

I may make this again, in the near future, perhaps a bit more accurately. This is a really quick finish for a little project, and it’s just so darling.

I’m really loving minis at the moment, but perhaps I need to finish my big Swoon quilt before I venture any further down the path of starting new projects.

Linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts, for Finish It Up Friday.

4 thoughts on “a mini finish

  • Timming too much is an accident most of us have made. One time at a retreat a friend of mine had cut all her pieces so she could mindlessly sew, then found out she cut them ALL wrong! eeek. The quilt colors are so gently and pretty.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  • The blue setting squares and the binding is really cute. I agree with the above commenter in that everyone has been in that position where they cut a little too much off. I think it looks flawless though in your mini.

  • Such a darling quilt! I really want to make one of these as a throw pillow on my bed to match my big Swoon. Course, I need to finish my big swoon first . . . Guess we're in the same boat!

  • This looks great, and I had to look really hard to see the cut off points. No one will look at it as closely as you do. (Unless it is being judged.) I hate it when my machine eats the little pieces too. It happened to me today.

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