This week, over at  Amanda’s A Crafty Fox’s blog, we are cutting our fabrics into strips and then diamonds and hexagons. (I LOVE hexagons and star flowers, so this is bound to be a keeper.)

I really cannot wait to see how we construct the quilt top. It’ll be fun to play with the diamonds to see what pattern I end up with.
My sixth Swoon block is now complete – only three to go. 
I need to work on accuracy when working with half square triangles. I’ve been wondering if the marking pen I’ve been using doesn’t have a sharp enough tip which is causing my seam allowances to be slightly off periodically which shifts things for the whole block. While this won’t really affect the quilt as a whole, I really prefer accurate piecing. I’m going to try using a mechanical pencil for my next block to see if there is a difference.
Our family spent a day at a corn maze/family farm last Saturday – it was gorgeous and hot. We had to soak the dirt off the kids that night, but it was definitely worth it – they loved every sweaty, dusty, laughing moment.
There was a porch with a row of rainbow painted rocking chairs. It was so beautiful.

And it was the perfect spot for a little person to sit and breathe… 
… before getting up to run again.
Today, I’m linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced‘s Work In Progress Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Progress

  • Jade, thanks for the comment over at my blog! I'm wondering if we're neighbours….we're on Vancouver Island. 🙂

    Your blog is lovely and your projects are beautiful!

  • Hi Heather. Thank you! We are sort of neighbors… We live on the mainland though.
    I'm sort of new to the whole blogging thing but I love it. I noticed on your blog that you have fabric cards (?) – do you run a fabric shop as well? (Also a dream of mine.)

  • Hi jade,
    First i love that swoon block! Also the stack of Happy Go Lucky fabrics I see. I am using HGL in hexagons right now for a small project. Those stars are going to be terrific.
    I am visiting from W.I.P. – I am a new follower too.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  • Jade – I was going to sign up to follow your blog but couldn't find where to do that at.
    Let me know if i just missed it somewhere.
    xo jan

  • Hi Jan, Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Also, thank you for pointing out that people can't follow. I edited my layout to include a gadget for following by email or by subscription. I'm gonna go check out your hexagons – love HGL. 🙂

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