slow and steady wins the race

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a fine line between scrap usage and insanity. This is a line I am willing to test, repeatedly. In my last post, I shared a quilt I made for my baby niece. When I began making the blocks, I noticed that there are a lot of triangles […]

piper – a quilt for my daughter

I make a lot of quilts. Many, most actually, end up being gifts for someone outside my immediate family. Last year, I realized that my daughter didn’t have a regular-sized quilt… she’s been tagging around the tiny, faded quilt I made for her when I was pregnant. A Walk in the Woods, by Aneela Hoey […]

concrete – a finished quilt top

I have finally had the pleasure of making my hubby a quilt. This is the first handcrafted item he has ever indicated an interest in, other than the toque debacle of 2007 or so, which shall not be named. He’s just not a handknit, sweater wearing kind of guy. I’ve been slowly collecting the fabric […]

up, up and away – from concept to quilt top

I was torn on whether to share this quilt in its quilt top state. It has been such a fun, fun quilt to make, that I’ve barely put it down to take pictures. But I’ve decided to go for it. I’m a relatively new member of the VMQG. One of the first challenge projects that […]

shelbourne falls and friends – a finished quilt top

Over the winter break, I stumbled across the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s tutorial of the Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt. It inspired me to cut into my little 10 inch charm pack of Shelbourne Falls, by Denyse Schmidt. It’s was waiting for the perfect type of pattern, one that used every bit of the fabric, […]