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Back when I started this blog in August, I joined the Star Flower quilt along hosted by Amanda of A Crafty Fox. The diamonds were quick to cut out and the stars came together in record time. But the row piecing has kind of been slow. The first several joins didn’t work out and I ended up having to undo and redo some stars and seams which got me a bit discouraged. It’s also not very conducive to chain piecing, but I’m trying to sort that one out.

So it’s sat for a bit, staring at me from my work table.

Anyways, last night I decided enough was enough and got going again. School is back in session, all three little rug rats were in bed (on time!), and my hubby was working late. After the usual self pep talk that practice makes perfect and perfect isn’t necessarily the goal (ahem… maybe sometimes), I started.

I’ve adjusted the row/column ratio for the quilt. The length/width in the original design is a bit long and narrow for my taste. I’ve finished my first row and am looking forward to doing the rest.

Its not a lot, but rows are coming together. And I love the fabrics so much that I just want it done, now, in time for fall. (It’s still meltingly hot here, but that can change quickly.)

That being said, my baby just went down for morning nap, I’ve got a fresh cup of coffee and a stack of stars calling my name.

Today I’m linking up to two smashing new blogs (new to me) I found called “My Quilt Infatuation” and 627handworks. Thanks ladies!

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