Finch Bucket Make Along – Week 1 – Post 4 – Quilt Block Mod

In my last MAL post, I promised I would release a modification to the Finch Bucket (original size only at this point) that would allow us to insert up to six 6 1/2″ quilt blocks into the bucket. The 6 1/2″ block (unfinished) I chose to use is a scrappy maple leaf block – it […]

Finch Bucket Make Along – Week 1 – Post 3 – Adaptations and Customization Ideas

This post is geared for the more adventurous or experienced makers participating in our Finch Bucket make along. If you aren’t quite ready for these ideas yet, just bookmark this post and come back to it when you are ready. A while ago, I opened a discussion in this Instagram post about what sort of […]

Finch Bucket Make Along – Week 1 – Post 2 – The How-To Dictionary

Thank you for joining us in our make along! This post is an in-depth description of various techniques you can use to make the Finch Bucket. HOW TO CUT YOUR FABRICS Periodically, a fabric will have been loaded crookedly onto a bolt at the manufacturer causing the fabric to be pulled in two directions on […]