Anchor’s Aweigh – Lap Size

Hey everybody! Remember a million years ago when I used to blog and made this quilt?

(You can find that blog post here.)

One of my most frequently asked questions is how I did the math to scale down the pattern from a 90″ x 96″ quilt to a lap size of 60″ x 64″.

So, I’ve done up a little cheat sheet with the measurements for each row per the instructions in the original pattern, found here. You will still need the original pattern, just simply use the new measurements. If you come across something I missed, please let me know.

Click here to download the cheat sheet.

And because everything is better once you put a baby on it, here is our newest addition.


3 thoughts on “Anchor’s Aweigh – Lap Size

  • I just found your blog! Gorgeous quilt, made even more beautiful with the little sweetheart on it. The quilts are stunning and the photography is so awesome I have to wonder if you're a professional photographer? If not, you could be! Thanks for taking the time to share your mad math skilz on this one. 😉

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