another mini finish

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  • Commissions are always a challenge but I'm sure your client was delighted with the mini bag – it super stylish. I'll have to check out the books too.

  • Great job with the bag – that one scares me to death – too many compartments and zippers to fool with! I loved Steal Like an Artist too. Great book and so true!

  • Beautiful job!
    I am so curious about your pricing. I recently made a wallet as a swap for some work I had a gal do for me. I think I spent 5 hours on it (not to mention the cost of fabric/fusibles/closures) I was thrilled to do it, but she definitely got the better deal. I can't even imagine how long a sew-together bag would take me. Or that anyone would want to pay enough for that time…. I'm working right now on a commissioned quilt and I'm going to put in a lot more time that I originally thought it'd take when I quoted her a price. (she's an old friend, and I know she really can't afford to spend more, so it's okay…) Like you, I spend a LOT of time trying to make sure my choices are *just right*, and of course none of that pre-work even 'get's billed' so to speak… So, you see, I am very curious, indeed, for others perspective and thoughts on pricing your work…. (If you've done a post on it – point me in the right direction 🙂
    Happy making ~ Tracy

  • Making a Sew Together has been on my todo list forever. Yours is adorable, Love the hexies and quilting!!! Steal Like an Artist is one of my all time favorite creative books, always good for inspiration when my latest project is in the pit of despair (and they all end up there at some point;-) Happy quilting!

  • I really loved both of Austin's books. It's been about a year and I think I need to go back and read them again. They seemed to be very freeing when it comes to thinking about creative work. Love your ST bag!

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