hello darling!

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to make several “Sew Together” pouches the past year or so. I had no idea I had made so many until I started to tally them the other day – I think it’s seven all together.
(Beware – they are addictive.)

This past week, I’ve been working on a special custom pouch for someone’s daughter. The daughter loves Hello Darling (who doesn’t) by Bonnie and Camille. And I just happened to have a bunch of squares left over from another upcoming project/WIP.

When making a patchwork exterior, I found that 2 1/2″ squares (these are from a charm pack that I quartered) work perfectly. Seven rows of five squares are just about the perfect dimensions. If you are quilting it, wait till you have finished quilting before trimming. I found I only needed to trim about 1/8″ off either side of the long edges and about 3/8″ off the short edges. The exact amount, of course, will depend on the accuracy of your quarter inch seams.

For some reason, zippers just never get old. It’s almost time to put another order in. Getting zippers in the mail ranks right up there with getting fabric in the mail.
I think a large part of what makes this pouch fun to make is the quantity of fabrics it uses. You can mix ranges and fabrics and colors and zippers and change the feel completely. It makes my color loving soul SO happy.
I used several Lecien fabric florals on the inside. They are just so gorgeous.
I really liked working with the person who requested this pouch – she had very specific opinions and choices in the zips and binding choices. And they really worked. Where I might have leaned to red in some cases, she leaned to aqua, and the overall effect is a very soothing palette with a splash of sunshine on the inside.

It feels so good to wrap this project up. The to-do list is getting shorter and shorter and I can’t wait to fill it with some new goals and projects for 2016.

Linking with Crazy Mom Quilts for finish it Friday. Thanks for popping by!

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