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First of all, I want to thank everyone for stopping by last week and leaving lovely comments on my Sewvivor audition. I am humbled and amazed to report that I made it in as a contestant in the top 16. To be quite honest, I didn’t think I was going to make it, as the competition is quite fierce. I’ve come to the conclusion that the next little while will be fueled by coffee, adrenaline and very little sleep. I’ll keep you posted on how things go. You can also follow along over at Family Ever After.

In other stitchy news, I’ve been bitten. I held off for so long, but my Instagramming crafty friend, M, of Three Owls finally convinced me to take the plunge into the hexie (hexy??) world. And I finally quelled the fear and did it. And guess what? I’m hooked.

I can’t get over how satisfying hexagons are! Also, I love the hand-sewing aspect. Take three minutes of basting and you get a little instant shot of cuteness.
I suspect you’ll be seeing more of these in the months to come.

A few things I’ve learned:

1. I love thread basting. I can’t imagine using glue, but will try it when I get the appropriate glue for educations sake.

2. Take small bites if you don’t want your threads to show through on the top of the hexagon.

my first hexagon flower – see the little stitches?

3. Using enough thread tension (pulling stitches nice and tight) when stitching the hexagons together also helps reduce thread showing through the top.

Less little stiches showing…

4. I need a bigger pouch/organizer. Someone said I’d giggle once I was hooked that I initially thought this pouch would suffice. They were right. 🙂

And that’s it for now friends. Thank you for stopping by. I’m off to go tackle my ridiculously long crafty to do list.


3 thoughts on “a stitchy update

  • great fabrics! I am hooked on eep hexys and have a small basket that all my scraps that will fit the hexy template go into. So one day I will have a completely random king size quilt, so easy to sit in the evenings chatting and stitching.

  • I started storing my 1 1/2 inch hexies in little plastic sandwich containers – HA! Yesterday I went out to a flea market and found one of those embroidery thread plastic boxes with compartments – and it is perfect for (half!) the completed hexagons I have made so far — not counting the centers. Ohh, I am hooked too! (Found you through Sewvivor and follow you now with blog lovin' and feedly…)

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