organic – a finished quilt

Our local MQG was offered the chance to participate in a special challenge called the PNW (Pacific Northwest) Modern Metallic challenge.

I decided to join in. The minute I received my three fat quarters, I was reminded of trees, birch in particular. I let my ideas percolate for a few weeks, sketched my inspiration and went from there.

Actually starting to cut the fabric is always difficult for me. I seem to be plauged by doubts at this point – what if I can’t convey my idea, what if it doesn’t work, or I waste the fabric. In typical me style, I started the quilt, hit a hiccup, and let it rest until the day before it was due to enter. Of course. Procrastination is apparently part of the process for me.

I loved playing with perspective while making this quilt. It was so fun and adds another dimension.

The background fabric is a Moda grey that I have in my stash – it plays really well with the tones of the Robert Kaufman Metallics. The only other fabric I used was a warm grey that my baby had recently pulled from my stash, that worked perfectly.

I used an awesome silvery/pearly metallic thread to quilt it. I was terrified to use this type of thread as it was new to me but it turned out to be easy. Slow and steady does the trick. I didn’t even need to change my needle type.

The quilting is a take on spiral quilting, but done in a square to start. I let the fabric determine the precision and spacing. This might be my new favorite way to quilt.

I’ve named this quilt “organic” as the entire process of making it was extremely raw and earthy. I let the fabric and thread decide what it will become, one slice, stitch, and press at a time. I didn’t have a planned size, or a block design, just a feeling of shadows and trees and light. It slowly evolved into the essence, as opposed to a replica, of my inspiration. I think I’ll keep it.

Oh look! An actual label (maybe my second ever…)
Put a bird, or three, on it. 🙂

 Joining up with Amanda Jean for finish it up friday.

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